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Cable Subscriber Retention
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Cable TV Subscriber Retention

Boxco is a Premier National Cable TV Subscriber Retention Vendor.

Cost Effective Retention

  • Retaining existing subscribers is nine times (9x) more cost effective than reselling, reconnecting, and reworking your delinquent accounts.

Lightning Fast Deployment

  • We deploy our friendly uniformed staff quickly into the field, before your subcribers are consumed by the competition or your converters are lost or stolen. Our upbeat Door to Door team communicates optimism about your products, encouraging your subscribers to retain your valuable Subscription Services.

Getting to "Know" Your Subscribers

  • We foster professional and dependable relationships with your Subscribers. Understanding them adds an increased sense of value to their subscriptions, preventing termination, alienation, and the humiliation often associated with a loss of service.

Accurate Real Time Reporting

  • We use sophisticated state of the art world wide web tools to manage Dispatching, Tech Retention, and Field Performance. We track our Techs by the minute, live, in real time, so you get accurate reports when you need them, on demand.

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Specialized Retention Techniques:

  • Deploy Responsive Field Staff Quickly
  • Perform Multiple Visits to the Home
  • Wear Authorized Uniforms
  • Present Neat Professional Appearance
  • Negotiate With Proven Positive Approach
  • Engage Regularly with Friendly Interaction
  • Communicate Optimism About Services
  • Build Extra Value in Subscription Services
  • Develop Constructive Subscriber Relationships
  • Distribute Approved Door Hanger Messages
  • Provide Telephone Field Support
  • Mail Approved Friendly Reminders
  • Launch Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Manage Fully Staffed Dispatch
  • Utilize Cutting Edge Technology Tools
  • Track Performace In Real Time
  • Provide Accurate Reporting On Demand
  • Secure Hard Line Disconnects
  • Follow Up with Unreturned Converter Recovery
  • Encourage Team Spirit Among Peers


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