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Premier, National, Cable TV Contractor Services & Sales Provider

Cable Subscriber Retention


Start a career with Boxco and get ready to join a friendly and engaging team. We work together to help you succeed and earn what you deserve. When you come on board with Boxco, you become part of a support system of give and take, from the time you learn the ropes and become an expert, until the time you may earn a promotion and an opportunity to show others how to achieve. We look forward to working with you.

Positions, Duties

Cable TV Subscriber Non Pay Retention

  • Perform Operations Weekday Evenings and 1 Weekend Day
  • Field/Fulfill Weekly Pending Sales Work Orders
  • Contact Subscribers Door to Door and via Phone to receive payments and Equipment
  • Approach Jobs with a friendly, problem solving demeanor.
  • Issue accurate and legible Receipt to Subscriber for Payment or equipment received.
  • Compose accurate Daily Performance Reporting
  • Communicate Resolved Work Orders to our live Dispatch
  • Respond to Text messages and Calls for additional Route Work
  • Return Equipment to Area Warehouses
  • Attend required Staff Meetings and Conference Calls

Cable Equipment Recovery

  • Door to Door Collection of Cable TV Equipment from Disconnected Cable Subscribers via accurate Boxco Supplied Street Sheets.
  • Issue legible receipt for all received Cable TV equipment.
  • Return all Collected Cable Equipment Inventory to Local Warehouses Regularly.
  • Perform Door to Door Cable TV Box Collection.
  • Perform Door to Door Cable TV Equipment Collection.
  • Provide Front Door Cable TV Box Pickup Service.
  • Contract Service Employment terms available.

Qualifications, Requirements

  • Route work experience.
  • Pass yearly or on demand drug screen.
  • Active Cell Phone (with Text Messaging).
  • Clean Cut Appearance and a friendly attitude.
  • Ability to diffuse tension in customer service interactions.
  • Presentable late model car/truck/van in good running condition.
  • No felony/aggravated misdemeanor conviction in past 10 years.
  • PC/Laptop w/Internet connection/familiarity with Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills (Spanish speaking a plus).



  • Fullly paid training
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Freedom for self starters
  • Team friendly environment
  • Company provided uniform


  • Stable company
  • World class clients
  • Over 20 years in cable
  • Up to $500-$1500 weekly
  • Locations across the US


  • Room for growth
  • Work independantly
  • Peformance bonuses
  • Promotion from within
  • Competitive commissions